Is Film Dead?

You’ve heard it said before, “film is dead (and the digital revolution killed it).” I think it’s safe to say that it isn’t entirely true. In fact, I’d say its alive and well for those who have a discerning eye. Anyone who’s a connoisseur, there’s no alternative to using film, except film.

We recently picked up a mint condition Canon 1V film camera along with a Sekinic L-358 light meter. Gotta say, we’re pleased with the results, the images below are strait from the camera, exactly as they were scanned from the film negatives. So, ya say film is dead, eh?

Is Film Dead

After research and shooting several different film stocks, we’ve chosen to shoot Portra 400… The saturation and color tones, along with the look of film itself cannot be matched by digital. The image above was shot inside of the Pike Place Market on an early morning a few months ago¬†and another, I metered for the shadows and this is the outcome.

Is film dead