There is a astounding difference in how film photography affects me as a photographer. During our travels I really stop and take the time to get the shots I want as opposed to digital photography where you can take as many as you want and delete along the way if you don’t like the image. Using film allows me to slow down and focus in on “why” I love taking photographs of people, places and things.

I prefer to shoot with my Nikon for family traveling and top downs etc. I can take more time and not worry about a timeline. I concentrate more on being present with my shots and I love telling the story of a couple or of our travels. I also love capturing how the session felt rather than being concerned about taking a thousand pictures to get the perfect shot. Film can be imperfect yet perfect, it really just depends on the person shooting and their style, and that is why I love shooting film so much. I am an imperfect artist and I often get caught up in making my digital work “perfect” which can take away from the feeling of a photograph sometimes. Shooting film has allowed me to worry less about capturing perfection and focus on being in the moment with my love of photography. I love food, traveling and capturing candid moments with my family and of course with our clients. 

In this day and age my biggest fear is of losing images, or even our clients losing their images. It seems like more often then not people will post their images on social media or save them on their computer and then go on to taking more pictures and forget to print. When I come home from traveling one of the first things we do is print our photos, this is so important to us and our family. We are always encouraging our clients to print their session and get those beautiful photos on their wall. One day when their kids, grand-kids and family want to see what their forefathers look like, its nice to have a print in hand and hold what was most likely once held by the person or persons that were in the photo. We love giving our clients a beautiful USB drive of their session. We have chosen to go through USB Memory Direct for our USB’s. These thumb drives are so classy and we love our beautiful logo printed on them. One of the other things we love about shooting film in this day and age is that its so easy to have our film images transferred to a digital thumb drive. We can give our clients something physical to hold onto forever and when they are ready to print their images, they are safely stored on their personal USB drive

This is a top down of what I like to shoot the most with when I am shooting with my Nikon film camera. This takes me back to the days when you really had to know your stuff and your settings to get that shot you really wanted. It takes skill and patience and I always impatiently wait for when my film comes back from developing to see what my eye and heart captured!