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Engagement sessions are our chance to freeze those special moments that tell your unique and beautiful love story. Engagement sessions allow us to get to know you before your wedding day, get comfortable in front of the camera and to share the experience of us all working together. Over the many years of photographing weddings, we have seen that engagement sessions help you feel more comfortable on your big day and it shows in your wedding photos.

Our engagement sessions start at 1 hour and go up to two hours depending the location/locations you have chosen. We typically like to start either in the morning when the sun is not straight up and or start two to three hours before sunset, depending on the location. We will go over all the details with you and will discuss your wardrobe and our plan for the shoot location(s).

We will talk about what feels good and comfortable to you and feels the most authentic. We love to get our creative juices flowing, you will see us getting all giddy about some of the shots we are getting throughout your session! We like to be creative, explore and will most definitely create something beautiful for you.


An engagement session is an exciting time in your lives, here is our guide to help you get started…


Step One:



Consider choosing a fun and sentimental location that is special to you both; somewhere that reminds you of those special memories.  We love new locations and new ideas. We are happy to travel somewhere even if its a bit far or hard to get to in order to create beautiful memories for you both.

Some of our most gorgeous engagement sessions happen in places of natural beauty. Here in the PNW we are blessed with so many stunning backdrops and love taking advantage of that.  We feel each location should tell a story about you both and have a very special meaning to you.  If you are unsure of a location and need some guidance and or direction, We are more than happy to talk with you and find that dreamy location.


Heather Mayer Photographers

Step 2



One of the most important things in an engagement session is what you are wearing.  Choosing a comfortable yet fashionable outfit and coordinating your wardrobe brings an editorial look to your images. We like to match the outfits with your location choice, so please plan to bring two to three options. If you are searching for inspiration or ideas we are  more than happy to help you with that. We also love creating a pinterest board to talk about ideas, colors and props. 

Helpful tips:

Two to three coordinated looks Modern casual, Classy Chic, Metropolitan dressy, Timeless formal

Matching Accessories

Heather Mayer Photographers
Heather Mayer Photographers

Step 3

Design & Props


Whether your passion is Hiking, Traveling, Sailing or your pooch, props can beautifully enhance your shoot and give a unique and special meaning to your images


Props that tie in with your location

Boats, cars or animals

Meaningful Props

Heather Mayer Photographers

Step 4

Hair + Makeup


Hair and makeup is just as important as your wardrobe choice.

Your engagement session is a great opportunity to schedule a trial session with a hair & makeup artist in advance of your wedding day. We encourage you to do this because this also allows you to get to know your stylist.

Heather Mayer Photographers
Heather Mayer Photographers

Turnaround Time


2-3 weeks. You will be able to view your photographs in an online gallery.

You will be provided a one time free digital download of all of your images.

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