Destination Wedding Photographers

We love to travel!

A picture of a destination photographer.

“With a destination wedding, we fill our bags, we travel, we show up, we assess, we photograph and then we leave.  No matter where Richard and I photograph a wedding, it’s the same process that we do for them all, but with destination wedding photography we get to mix our love for travel with our passion for photography. Our couples excitement leading up to their wedding day and after, the laughter and the tears, the breathtaking landscapes that help to create the surroundings of your day, whether it’s the pastel tones on the Florida Coast, or the Greenery of the Scottish lowlands framed by the beauty of castles and rocky cliffs, or the deserts of Southern California. No matter where it is there is absolutely nothing quite like recording all of these special destinations and the memories that go along with them.

Contact us if you would like to chat a little more about any of your plans and dreamy ideas, or you can email or set up Skype meeting. Richard and I would love to hear all about it!”