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Genuine & Handcrafted Albums

In this era of Facebook and smartphones, we tend to become satisfied with viewing images on a computer screen. This may be okay for some events in your life, however, your wedding photos are not one of those times.

At Heather Mayer photographers, we strive to capture, produce and preserve memories for not only this life, but for generations to come. We realize the importance of these physical memories and the result is a stunning final presentation unveiling the beginning of your new life together. Heather Mayer photographers specializes in creating Genuine & Handcrafted products, every album is handmade from the finest materials in the knowledge that it will hold your treasured memories forever. “Genuine & Handcrafted” is our tagline and we feel that Madera Books fits this ideal exactly. Every album at Madera Books is hand crafted with “old world craftsmanship and a whole lotta love.” Don’t just take our word for it, watch the video below!